A b o u t B i g F e l l a W i n e s & A c c o m m o d a t i o n i n S e v e r n l e a , S t a n t h o r p e

Big Fella Wines & Accommodation combines the charm and escape of Stanthorpe with the quiet and serenity of country life in Severnlea. Nestled just minutes from Stanthorpe is our stunning winery and homestead B&B-style accommodation, dating back to the 1920s.

The property changed hands in November 2020, now being lovingly transformed by Andrie and Madeleine. This new venture combines Andrie’s love of fine wine and Madeleine’s dream of sharing the charm of farm life. Together, they’re creating what they aspire to become an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place to relax and rejuvenate.

As of 2021, Big Fella Wines Accommodation is open for bookings in the homestead, with wine tours and tastings available soon. 

Big fella Wines

The Farm

Our Story

The History of Big Fella Wines Estate

On the Big Fella Wines Estate is the old farm homestead. The homestead was built in the 1920s, providing comfort to those working the farm in Stanthorpe now over a century ago. Today, the farm home has been restored to its former glory with added modern creature comforts, and now provides three luxuriously sized rooms for travellers to the region.

Tucked away in the outskirts of Stanthorpe, elevated at 850 metres is Big Fella Wines. Visitors awe at the stunningly unique vista across the hills of Stanthorpe, gently sloping into picturesque vineyards, natural bushland and, in spring, Instagram-worthy fields of yellow cosmos. 

The perfect combination of the north-easterly aspect and the Granite Belt’s natural resources makes for the perfect growing conditions for the estate’s grape vines. Former owners of the property established the vineyard in the early 1980s, which relies on the natural rainfall to Stanthorpe, with the roots digging deep into the ground for moisture. This has seen the old shiraz vineyard remain hearty and strong, even with the changes around it.

Born in South Africa, Andrie and Madeleine grew up in the heart of the country’s wine country in the Western Cape Province. This naturally led to the pairing both gaining an appreciation for the quiet life and wine from all over the world. 

Having fallen in love with Australia, Andrie and Madeleine knew they wanted to combine their passions and maintain their small town roots. When the opportunity to own and operate the then Moonrise Estate arose, they knew this was their opportunity to do this and share their love with people wanting a taste for a weekend, week or more.

Andrie and Madeleine have big plans growing in the Big Fella Wines vineyard, including re-opening the cellar door and extending the current vineyard. 

The Owners

About Big Fella Wines’ Owners, Andrie & Madeleine

About Stanthorpe, Home of Big Fella Wines

Stanthorpe is located in the scenic Southern Downs Region of Queensland, a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from Brisbane or 3 hours from the Gold Coast. Positioned 1,000 metres above sea level, it’s known for its stunning rural scenery, farmlands, fruit orchards and endless vineyards — and now Big Fella Wines. 

The region is also located in what is known as the Granite Belt — Queensland’s only true wine country. The cooler climate makes the area ideal for growing large-scale grape vineyards, perfect for making wine. In winter, temperatures in Stanthorpe can reach below zero degrees. For the romantics at heart, visiting the region can have you strolling through orchards of stone fruit, before spreading a picnic blanket out amidst the grape vines.

Although now considered a major rural town, Stanthorpe came from small beginnings, discovered in 1828 and settled in the 1840s. Back then, the town was pasture land, but was later put on the map for an abundance of tin mining. The land was soon discovered to be ideal for growing a wide variety of fruit, grapes and tobacco.

Today, more than 4,200 call the Stanthorpe region home, with thousands of annual visitors. Big Fella Wines is located right outside the town of Stanthorpe in the picturesque Severnlea. 

Top 5 Things to Do in Stanthorpe & the Granite Belt

1. Take a winery tour in Stanthorpe.

Exploring the Granite Belt’s famous wineries is unmissable when visiting Stanthorpe. Big Fella Wines is just one of many vineyards in the region, with the added bonus of on-site accommodation.

The region is full of every wine your heart could desire, from deep reds to fruity whites and everything in between.  If you are up for discovering new varieties, follow the Strange Bird Wine Trail across the Granite Belt https://granitebeltwinecountry.com.au/

If a full-blown tour isn’t on the cards, pack a picnic with local delicacies and a blanket and find a spot in the vines for a peaceful lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. With endless grounds to explore, you can take a stroll after your meal and take in the stunning scenery. 

2. Snap a photo with the Big Apple in Thulimbah.

13 minutes north of Severnlea and 17 minutes north of Stanthorpe is the Southern Down’s own Big Apple. Australia is known for ‘big’ landmarks, and with the abundance of orchards in the Stanthorpe region, an apple makes perfect sense.

With the Big Apple being located on the corner of the New England Highway, it’s an easy stop off on your way too or from Big Fella Wines, whatever direction you’re coming from. If you get your angles right, you’ll be able to take a photo as if you’re taking a sumptuous bite of the biggest apple in town.

3. Explore The Falls Drive in Killarney.

An hour outside of Stanthorpe lies what is unofficially known as waterfall country. Browns Falls, Daggs Falls and Queen Mary Falls are connected by The Falls Drive, with the first only being 600 metres from the carpark. However, you’ll want to know this is an undeveloped track, so be prepared to climb a couple of rocks and cross a creek.

The second of the falls is Daggs Falls, located only a kilometre along Spring Creek Road. While you can’t access the base of the waterfall, you can admire all 38 metres of the fall’s beauty from the roadside lookout.

And finally is Queen Mary Falls, with a whopping 40 metre drop. The lookout to the falls is only 400 metres from the car park, but there is also a 2 kilometre trek, which takes you through the stunning forest and to the base of the waterfall.

There are two more waterfalls in Killarney, but are not connected as directly as the three above.

4. Discover the sights of Girraween National Park.

If you’re spending a weekend or more in Stanthorpe, a visit to Girraween National Park is a must. Only a 33-minute drive from Big Fella Wines in Severnlea, Girraween National Park has everything from river-carved plunge pools and granite outcrops to trails spanning up to 20 kilometres.

The different trails span from 1 to 20 kilometres, so there is something for almost everyone. Many of the more challenging trails will have you trekking uphill, but will have you see sights like The Pyramid, Castle Rock, Balancing Rock and The Sphinx.

5. Be in awe of Donnellys Castle.

Firstly, Donnellys Castle is not a literal castle. Only a 17-minute drive outside of Stanthorpe, Donnelly’s Castle is a massive boulder formation, providing plenty of caves and lookouts to explore. 

In fact, Donnellys was the famous hiding spot for escaped Cockatoo Island prisoner Frederick Ward, also known as Captain Thunderbolt. Ward was infamous for robbing numerous locations throughout Northern New South Wales.

Today, the lookout provides a fun activity for kids and stunning lookouts for the adults. You’ll be in awe of the rock formations. Plus, it’s only around 20 minutes from Big Fella Wines! 

The Stanthorpe and Granite Belt region is full of things to do and see. If you’re looking for more, be sure to ask Andrie and Madeleine.